Acura NSX

NSX is more than one supercar. Its dynamic range flexes to reflect its driver’s mood, responding to every input with absolute fidelity. Weekend touring or competitive tracking, commuting or negotiating a mountain pass, it adapts and supports and partners with its driver. That purity of dynamic response extends beyond motion to emotion: the love of driving, with utter confidence.

Even the most devout track enthusiast appreciates nice manners. NSX delivers a refreshingly civilized approach to touring, thanks to its advanced, lightweight suspension and steering systems and rigid frame. Third-generation magneto rheological (MR) dampers respond to the road more than 1000 times per second; the cabin provides a quiet refuge with muted wind and road sound. Engine sound aligns with driving mode – from the near-silence of Quiet Mode to Track Mode’s aggressive snarl. Across the driving spectrum, the same systems that deliver high-performance athleticism at speeds approaching 200 MPH provide the same poise and traction management at every speed.

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