BMW 7 Series

In recent years, the BMW 7-series has evolved from sports sedan to plush luxobarge, and the 2021 model follows suit. Its soft suspension, quiet cabin, and pampering luxury features make it an appealing limo for affluent buyers, most of who won’t mind if their chauffer isn’t particularly entertained by the car’s almost lifeless helm. A host of powertrain options is offered, ranging from the 320-hp inline-six to a fire-breathing twin-turbo V-12. But no matter which mill is under hood the 7-series remains a calm, collected cruiser that won’t break a sweat on long road trips and will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed when you reach your destination.

 The lead-footed among us may disagree, but the base powertrain—a turbocharged inline-six—in the 740i is perfectly suitable for this car’s relaxed nature. It still provides plenty of gumption when you need it, but otherwise it’s quiet and smooth, so it’s the one we’d recommend. Plus, its lower starting price frees up your money to go toward some luxury interior features.

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