Lexus LC Coupe

Lexus LC has looks to kill; its driving demeanor is more luxury car than exotic sports car. The LC can be had with either a naturally-aspirated V-8 or a V-6­–hybrid powertrain. The LC delivers a, smoothly agreeable ride, and both of its powertrains provide considerable power, but its rivals offer much sharper reflexes. What they can’t match is the Lexus’s designer interior, which features elements borrowed from the LS luxury sedan and the Iconic LFA Supercar. While the LC technically offers seating for four, the cramped rear seat is better suited for personal items or puppies; the car’s trunk is also quite limited in terms of space, so pack light.

 We’re not sure what makes the hybridized LC500h desirable to affluent folks seeking a flashy sports car. It adds weight, costs more, and diminishes the LC’s otherwise svelte demeanor. But what do we know? Instead, we prefer the non-hybrid V-8 version. The question now becomes whether to stick with the hard-top coupe or go for the convertible.

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